A perfect bathroom remodel project


There are two ways to approach any home remodeling project. You can either let the project evolve or you can manage it so that you are in complete control from start to finish. Both have their own merits and drawbacks. For instance, the project that just evolves is a great project to learn DIY. It will generally have no deadline and no budget will be set. This is great as a stress free project that will get ‘done when it’s done’.

People often do this when the budget is tight and the work can be done on a piecemeal basis. They may also think that they will save money doing it this way. Or maybe they don’t like being overly organized in their home because it reminds them of being at work. Either way, it is debatable whether you will save more money doing a project this way. You may save on the materials if you search around for the best deals. You will certainly save on labor costs if you are planning to do the work rather than employ a trades person. However the time may be much longer to complete the job.

You may also make mistakes that need new materials and extra time to complete. It really depends on the priorities that you set yourself. If, for instance you are planning to sell the house and the new bathroom will be a selling feature of the house you are probably best to get organized and let a professional handle the job. If you just want a new look in your bathroom but don’t really care about the deadline then doing it yourself is a better option (if you fancy learning DIY). This article will give you some ideas if you are planning a more structured approach to your bathroom remodel project.

Tip one is to do some initial planning. You need to consider why and what you want to change in the bathroom. Are you thinking about a fundamental change to the room because it is impractical for the size of your family or are you simply thinking of revamping the fixtures and giving the walls and tiling a makeover. A fundamental change will involve structural work in the room or may even facilitate the creation of an ensuite bathroom or separate toilet.

You should also consider what you will be storing in the bathroom. This will give you an indication of the size you need for the room and the type of cabinets and other fixtures you will need for the room.

This can give you some indication of whether the job is one for the professionals or whether you can manage most of it.

The second tip is to work out a budget in advance. This includes costing for all the fixtures and appliances that will go into the room. The materials that will be needed. And all the labor and services, like structural work and plumbing. Budgeting is essential for keeping the project on track. If you over budget it may mean the project is delayed. As a rough guide, it is suggested that you never spend more than 15% of the total cost of the house on the bathroom. Any more than this and you won’t get your money back. If you are planning to go down the trades person route then get some quotes and references before taking on someone. It takes more time but is a prudent move. Don’t necessarily take the lowest quote. Rather consider the references and if possible view some of their previous work.

Again, if you are going down the employing a professional route, then work out ways to minimize the labor costs. This means you could do the initial clearing out of the room. You could arrange that all the new fixtures and materials arrive when the trades person needs them so there are minimal delays. Time is money, as project manager you can save money by being organized.

Monitor the work on a daily basis to ensure that you are happy with the quality and that the work is going according to your specification.

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