How to: make over your home on a shoestring budget


The tree’s been dismantled, the brightly coloured decorations are safely stowed away and, after hours of painstaking care, the miles of twinkling fairy lights are finally down. But now that all the festive cheer is boxed up and sealed away in the loft till next Christmas, you can’t help feel your newly empty living room suddenly looks drab and boring.

Even a marathon cleaning session doesn’t let you shake it off – you’re itching to bring some life back into your home, and only a makeover will do. But the magical style transformation you’re imagining doesn’t come cheap and, post-Christmas, your savings account is looking sparser than your house.

The good news is, with savvy budgeting and a DIY approach, you can satisfy your interior decorating cravings without breaking the bank. With that in mind, we’re sharing a few top tips on how to make some cost-effective home improvements.

#1: go for big impact changes

You haven’t got a big budget to work with, so prioritise the jobs you desperately need done and sacrifice the ones you can live without.

By focusing on making the maximum impact at the minimum cost you’ll still be able to achieve the overall interior vibe you’ve been fantasising about.

A change in colour scheme can do wonders for opening up a small space, whereas updating flooring will instantly lift a room. With the right materials, like a quality vinyl floor adhesive and stylish faux-effect designs, you can get the same finish as luxurious wood or tiling at a fraction of its usual price.

#2: work with what you’ve already got

In an ideal world, you’d spend weeks casually flicking through catalogues and browsing the internet, slowly building up a perfectly balanced mix of stylish pieces for every single room of the house. Click here if you still have a nice budget to build a pretty wooden house in the backyard.

But to keep your budget in check, you’re going to have to work with what you’ve already got.

Get crafty and upcycle your current furniture. Making fabric sofa covers, painting chairs or adding new handles to doors, there are plenty of inventive options to explore. Use your imagination and your boring, old stuff will soon be unrecognisable.

#3: add some creative sparkle

If dedicating the next couple of weekends to painting and decorating sounds like your idea of hell, you can still transform your house with some creative finishing touches.

Add warmth to your living room, for example, by contrasting textures and colours of pillows, or brighten up your bedroom with decorative mirrors and picture frames.

To inject your house with personality, follow your individual tastes – whether minimalist or maximalist, bold or subtle, clashing or coordinated – and take your time dressing each room.

Have you got any other DIY tips or interior decorating tricks for making over your home on a budget? Leave a comment and let us know.

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