Carpet’s care: from installation to preservation

Children + fruit juice + pets + carpet = disaster. People who have carpeted flooring know that stains are inevitable, especially if kids and pets are present in the picture. From chewing gums to wine spills and everything in between, a carpet’s life is dictated by the steps the owner will take to maintain its pristine beauty. Though maintaining a carpet is easier said than done. One may opt to hire the finest carpet cleaning New Jersey has to offer just to remove the stain that was left from the wild party the night before. From the installation to the preservation, both of these require that specific actions so as not to cause further damage to the carpet.

Let us begin with the installation. To be honest, I have yet to personally install a carpet. I’ve browsed through a lot of DIY sites, they entail materials like the knee kicker, power stretcher, different types of adhesive, seam cutter, seam roller and some other equipments I have yet to use. And these items, you have to rent. As much as I would like to try installing my own carpet, I prefer to leave it to the professionals. I know my limitations and this is one of them. I can force myself to do the same but if this would result to a clear disaster, I’d rather not dare. DIY projects are reserved for those who are confident enough with their skills so as not to create damage on the pristine carpet. There are a lot of companies that would willingly take your business, but you have to choose wisely to whom you’ll be giving your business to. Don’t make the mistake of handing a project to an establishment who refuses to provide you with a list of referrals and copies of pertinent papers to back their claim. They may assert that they are the best carpet cleaner in NJ or in NY or in VA, but remember—talk is cheap. There should be a concrete proof for said statement. You can get this through BBB report or from their past clients. This I need to stress. The price is not always proportionate to the service provided. There is no assurance that the most expensive company possesses the highest quality in terms if service. With this said, the lowest does not entail that you’re getting a good deal. Same may present mediocre job that’ll make your carpet appear like a raggedy fabric with loose ends. Ok, enough with the installation, we can let the experts handle this one.

Next in line would be the preservation or the maintenance or the dreaded cleaning. Had there be an invention where the stain will magically disappear, then I would be one happy camper—but unfortunately, there isn’t. So we have to settle for the hundreds and hundreds of products in the market. There are those that swear to nature friendly products while there are others that doesn’t really bother knowing if the cleaning solution they bought is earth friendly or not. If you’re going to use homemade remedies, make certain that these have been tried and tested. There is nothing worst than trying to remove a stain and ending up creating a bigger mess than before. If you want, you may try the concoction in a small part of the carpet or in a conspicuous area before applying the same in the stain itself. Regular vacuuming helps too. The frequency of vacuuming may highly depend on the traffic being received a particular area. If stain still lingers, better call in a New Jersey carpet cleaning crew (or any carpet cleaner in your location) stat!