HealthTips to soothe tired legs

Tips to soothe tired legs

How many times when we get home after work or even during that weekend sitting on the couch, watching your favorite series or reading a book, we notice that heaviness in the legs, that annoying tingling that apparently is insignificant in many cases, but that, undoubtedly, is an alarm about our state of health.

This discomfort is the result of poor circulation, where the venous return from the leg to the heart does not occur in the most correct way and therefore, our daily habits should be examined and rectified by ourselves, as well as a doctor could also help us.

To ensure that this venous return occurs correctly, we can make some simple changes in our daily lives, and thus help to improve this discomfort, which is still a warning that something is not working well in our body:

  1. Excess weight can be one of the causes. Try to eat a balanced diet, rich in fiber, low in salt and saturated fats, and do not forget to drink between one and a half to two liters of water daily.
  2. Go for a walk at least half an hour a day. It is a free exercise in price, but it will enrich your health in a very good way. Walking improves circulation and prevents heart disease among other benefits.
  3. Wear loose-fitting clothes. When we wear tight clothes, tight pants, tight belts, etc. we are preventing this venous return system to do its job easily. So opt for comfortable clothes, as well as footwear, also very important for our circulatory system. It is counterproductive to wear high heels. On the one hand they tend to squeeze the foot and this is subjected to pressure, and on the other hand we increase that height where venous return becomes more difficult.
  4. Cold water on the legs. Cold water on the legs applied in an upward direction, that is, from the ankles to the knees is an excellent massage to activate circulation, thus mitigating the feeling of heaviness and pain.
  5. Since the force of gravity exists, to help our veins in the return of blood to the heart, it is advisable to put the legs up, and the higher the better. Thus we facilitate that venous circulation is as fluid as possible. It is also not advisable to cross your legs, as we are blocking the return of blood.
  6. We can also apply a gel for tired legs. Creams and lotions for this purpose are usually composed of herbal extracts and essential oils. These act by activating blood circulation and give us a feeling of relief and freshness almost immediately.
  7. In addition to taking all these tips into account, try not to stay in the same position for too long, that is, if you work sitting down, try to stretch your legs and take a few steps every half hour, and if you are standing, do not leave your body weight on the same leg for too long, even bend your knees a little to distribute the weight. Also, you can always go to a center where you practice a lymphatic drainage massage, as it will be very beneficial for your legs.


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