How long should you walk to stay fit and lose weight?


Walking is one of the physical activities recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) to prevent certain diseases and maintain healthy lifestyle habits.

In this sense, having a daily routine of moderate physical activity will contribute to improve the state of the muscular and cardiorespiratory system, and bone and functional health. In addition, it will reduce the risk of suffering pathologies such as hypertension, diabetes or stroke and, above all, it will help control weight to avoid obesity.

Some of the most common physical activities can be cycling, walking or practicing some kind of sport. According to WHO parameters, it is recommended that adults dedicate at least 150 minutes a week to moderate-intensity aerobic physical activity, such as walking, although to achieve greater benefits this time can be increased to 300 minutes a week.

One of the benefits of walking is that it contributes to weight loss, which will depend on the duration and intensity, as well as the composition of the diet. Thus, as Mayo Clinic experts emphasize, “a balanced combination of physical activity and dietary changes, including eating fewer calories, appears to stimulate weight loss more effectively than exercise alone”.

Adding at least 30 minutes of walking daily for five days a week “can burn about 150 more calories a day.” However, it should be kept in mind that if we are not used to regular physical exercise it is advisable to start this process progressively and increase the times and intensity little by little. Thus, a daily routine of 60 minutes could be achieved.

In the case of adults, in addition to this type of physical activity, it is recommended to perform activities to strengthen the muscular system two or more times a week.

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