Brits return to work and parks with no time limit as coronavirus cases increase

First day back at work for many Brits and the safety distance in transport has not been maintained. The London Underground was full this morning and few people were seen wearing masks to prevent infection due to the lack of safety distance.

The UK is entering Phase 1, in a complicated situation. According to its Bureau of Statistics, more than 40,000 people have been killed, more than the official government figure.

Her Majesty’s Government is not going to place any more restrictions and from today you can go out for exercise and sunbathe without any time limit. They are betting on continuing with the de-escalation of the coronavirus and reactivating the economy that this Wednesday left again bad news.

The country knew today that the economy has fallen by 5.8% in March, the worst figure in the historical series reminiscent of the moments of financial collapse.

The United Kingdom will impose a 15-day quarantine on travellers who wish to go to the country. It will mainly affect tourists; London receives 20 million visitors every year. Those who have to go for any reason will have to keep this quarantine and provide an address to which they are confined. The measure does not affect Ireland and France, thus safeguarding the English Channel, one of the economic pillars through which hundreds of carriers enter every day.