Russia surpasses Spain and is already the second country in the world with the highest number of coronavirus infections


President Vladimir Putin announced yesterday in a video conference that, to prevent the economy from collapsing completely, there will be no more additional non-working days in the fight against COVID-19 and that he leaves it up to the country’s territories to decide which limitations to apply depending on the particular epidemiological situation.
He stated that there will be “a gradual reduction of restrictions” in regions and cities that can afford it as the spread of the coronavirus decreases.

However, the increase in infections continues at a worrying rate. Russia now has 232,243 infections, with 10,899 new cases reported since yesterday. The number of deaths increases by 107 people and brings the total to 2,116. With these data, Russia now exceeds Spain in the total number of infections by coronavirus and is the second country in the world with more confirmed cases, according to the count made by the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore (Maryland, USA).

According to this center, Spain now ranks third with 227,436 infections. According to Johns Hopkins, the United Kingdom is now in fourth place with 224,332 infections, and Italy is in fifth place with 219,814.

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