U.S. Nears One Millionth Contagion Record

The United States is already home to a record one million cases of coronavirus. 972,969 detected. That adds up to 55,118 deaths. Not counting, of course, the thousands who could have died without prior diagnosis, in nursing homes or at home.

This Monday there were 7,184 new cases and 237 deaths. These figures were not welcomed by the daily speech of the president, Donald Trump: even for his usual parameters, his speech about the bleach and the light baths in the entrails were too much for some advisors who try to keep him away from the media.

Furthermore, and although tests to detect antibodies, which are essential to know which people have passed the disease, are already available in several states, the World Health Organization warns again: scientists still do not know if those who passed the Covid-19 are immune. Or whether immunity, if it exists, is the same for everyone, or how long it would last. It seems likely that the organism is capable of generating some kind of resistance, but the key lies in its strength and duration. A crucial issue in all the plans for de-escalation.