More than 100 deaths in the Dominican Republic from drinking traditional alcohol as a remedy for the coronavirus

At least 109 people have died in the Dominican Republic because they drank clerén, an alcohol made by craftsmen from Haiti, believing it was an effective remedy against the coronavirus, Health Minister Rafael Sánchez Cárdenas reported Friday.

“130 cases and 109 deaths,” Sánchez Cárdenas said in an appearance about the coronavirus, according to the Dominican daily Hoy. The minister detailed that, according to the laboratory tests, “more than ethanol we are in the presence of more than 50 percent methanol. “I don’t know how these patients were able to get to the hospitals alive,” he confessed.

In recent days, security forces have carried out several operations in stores dedicated to the production and sale of this type of drink, arresting several people. The head of Public Health has warned that the raids will continue.

The consumption of clerén has increased in the face of the false belief that it serves to combat the coronavirus, which has already left 5,749 confirmed cases and 267 deaths in the Caribbean nation. In other countries, such as Iran, there have also been deaths from drinking large amounts of alcohol to neutralize the virus.