The contagion curve shoots up in Russia to almost 6,000 a day

As official figures begin to show, after an initial “optimistic” phase, the new coronavirus pandemic is beginning to run rampant in Russia. In a single day, the country has registered 5,849 new cases, bringing the total to more than 68,600 infected people, according to the state centre responsible for the fight against Covid-19. Yesterday, 4,774 people were infected and on Wednesday, another 5,200.

“In the last 24 hours, 5,849 cases of Covid-19 were confirmed in 82 regions of the country,” the Russian agency said in a statement released by the Russian news agency Sputnik. With the increase in cases, the balance rises to 68,622 people infected and 615 dead, after 60 deaths in the last 24 hours. As usual, most of the new cases have been detected in the city of Moscow (2,957 positive) and in its region (611), the real emergency area in the country.

The centre has added that more than 600 patients have recovered and been discharged in the last 48 hours. “The total number of recovered patients is 5,568 nationally,” he said.

New infections have increased rapidly in April, despite the fact that Moscow and several Russian regions have imposed restrictions for the past three weeks. But despite the quarantine, contagion has spread from the Moscow outbreak to more than 80 regions, President Vladimir Putin acknowledged at a meeting with officials and health experts this week.

“However, we have managed to slow down this process and stop it,” the president said, but added: “… The peak of the incidence rate is yet to come. Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova backed up the forecast by warning that the regions were on average two to three weeks behind the growth rate of the Moscow focus. At the meeting, Alexander Gorelov, deputy director of a research institute of the consumer health safety control agency Rospotrebnadzor, identified 285 critical points of infection across the country and said that 64% of them were hospitals.

Thus, reality seems to pierce the confidence of Vladimir Putin, who stressed last Sunday that the authorities have “totally controlled” the health crisis and was convinced that the country will overcome this test. “Work is proceeding at a good pace, organized and responsibly at all levels of power. The situation is totally under control and the whole of society is united in the face of a common threat,” the president said.