HealthHow to keep your legs in perfect condition after pregnancy and children

How to keep your legs in perfect condition after pregnancy and children

Taking care of your legs throughout your life doesn’t need to be difficult, as with a good health regime you can ensure that your legs stay in excellent condition inside and out. While the outward appearance of your legs may be the most obvious concern for many people, taking care of the inner health of your legs is also vital. This includes issues such as varicose veins, preventing blood clots, and improving general vein heath.

Different Life Stages

The appearance of your legs will change markedly throughout different life stages, and it’s important to note that some of the changes your legs go through are a natural result of aging or life processes such as pregnancy. For example, during pregnancy the weight of the baby and placenta presses down on the pelvis, causing swollen legs (particularly ankles) and contributing to the formation of varicose veins. Varicose veins and thinner skin on the legs can also be a natural result of aging.

However, despite these changes occurring as a part of life stages, there are a number of steps that you can take to prevent both cosmetic and medical issues with your legs arising throughout your life.


The first thing to ensure is that you are getting regular exercise, and taking good care of your vascular system generally. When you exercise, the blood is pumped more easily around the body, preventing clots and varicose veins from occurring. What’s more is that exercise is also good for improving muscle tone, and will also bring more oxygen and nutrients to the upper layer of skin, improving the appearance of the skin on your legs.  

For taking care of your legs in particular, exercises such as walking, step-climbing, jogging, calf-flexors, bicycling and yoga. However, ensure that you don’t spend too long on your feet doing these exercises in one sitting, as this can also contribute to the formation of more varicose veins. The takeaway is: everything in moderation. Make sure that you also spend some time with your legs elevated, to take pressure off your feet and lower legs. This can help to ensure that the small valves in your veins get a bit of a break to recover.

While pregnant, and as you get older, walking and yoga can be excellent low-impact exercise choices to prevent varicose veins and blood clots from forming. The increased blood circulation can also help to improve the appearance of your skin.

Skincare and Vein Care

The next step to consider is whether or not you may need to visit a varicose vein clinic, particularly those with high quality surgeons such as in London. Numerous surgeons are available throughout the UK, however those on Harley Street are well known as the best quality. The street has been known since the 19th century for its quality of doctors and surgeons, and you can have confidence in their work to help your legs look their best.

Varicose vein treatment may seem daunting, but minimally-invasive techniques are becoming increasingly common. Most treatments these days are walk-in outpatient appointments, meaning that you can go into the clinic, have your treatment done, and be back home within a few hours. Getting treatment for your varicose veins can help to improve the appearance of your legs, as well as ensuring that varicose veins do not develop into something more dangerous.


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