HealthDoes this ancient remedy help with sore throats?

Does this ancient remedy help with sore throats?

Your throat is dry, and when you talk if feels like two sandpapers rubbing against one another. This sensation causes you to cough, making you feel all the worse. When a sore throat hits, we don’t always have time to run to the doctor or the pharmacy. Additionally, you might have nothing in your medicine cabinet to soothe your inflamed throat.

You might have heard of it before but wondered if it works. There are several home remedies, but this one is perhaps the easiest because you don’t have to head to the groceries store. Unless medically advised, it is almost sure that you have it in your spice cabinet. What are we talking about? Salt, and specifically, a warm salt water gargle.

Does it work?

We’ve heard of other home remedies such as peppermint and honey, but perhaps the most underrated is salt. If you are fortunate to have visited your grandmother and gotten a sore throat, it is likely that they warmed some water, added some salt and had you gargle it with a stern warning not to swallow it.

Being skeptical is understandable because modern medicine is quite useful. There is however science to using this cheap and ancient method to help with an inflamed throat. Medical research shows that you when you gargle warm salty water it lessens the symptoms and pull the virus out. The reason it can do that is that salt causes dehydration, and thus pulling fluids in the throat area, the virus included. The salt also acts as a barrier, that way, liquids, and pathogens don’t penetrate the tissue in the throat.

While it does help with the symptoms, it will not cure the viral infection itself that causes a sore throat. You might be able to swallow better, but don’t let that make you believe you have rid yourself of the initial problem. Whether you are marking assignments or doing siding installation, you will need to get some time off to get medication.

Also, a study dating back to 2013 with a focus on nonmedical flu preventions tactics found that salt water is better at preventing a recurrence of flu than getting a vaccination. It focused on the likelihood of catching flu from other people after recovering from one

Preparing the salt water gargle

There is no one exact recipe for a salt water gargle because ultimately you will spit it out. However, the recommended quantity is a quarter to a half teaspoon of salt stirred into an 8-ounce glass. Ensure that the water is warm, comfortable enough for it to stay in your mouth for up to 30 seconds as you gargle.


Gargling warm salt water is an almost cost-free way to alleviate the discomfort that sore throats bring. It is also fantastic to use when taking preventative measures against upper respiratory tract infections when done regularly. Therefore, next time you have an allergy, cold or flu and a sore throat in tow, you can use it to clear the throat. If it is severe, then you have a better off taking acetaminophen or ibuprofen.


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