HealthThe worst symptoms of varicose veins

The worst symptoms of varicose veins

Varicose veins also known as bulging blood vessels are a condition that has a wide range of negative implications for those affected. These issues require treatment using advanced techniques that improve the quality of life of those afflicted.

The symptoms of bulging blood vessels range in severity but all of them are justification to seek out treatment from a professional vein centre. Let’s take a look at some of the worst symptoms involved with varicose veins.

Ugly, bulging blood vessels

On its own, this symptom does not have any physical health implications but are incredibly damaging to the self-esteem of the afflicted person. The most recognisable trait of bulging blood vessels is the enlarged and unsightly appearance of the damaged veins.

These blood vessels would normally be hard to see under the skin but are now enlarged and easy to spot. This causes those afflicted to become embarrassed and cover up the problem areas.

This causes a roll-on effect where people wear more clothing than they normally would and engage in fewer activities that would see them exposing their skin. Because these enlarged blood vessels most often occur in the legs this means people won’t wear items like shorts or bathing suits which can become a hindrance in warmer weather.

While this issue is primarily a cosmetic one, it no doubt has serious ramifications for those experiencing it. It has a profound effect on the confidence people have in how they go about their lives and is more than enough justification to seek treatment.

Painful or aching legs

While bulging blood vessels are always an unsightly affliction, for some they can also be painful in various degrees. This pain causes people to slowly carry out less movement and become less active in general.

This is serious because not only does this mean a constant source of pain for the afflicted person but is going to limit their lifestyle. They will sit for longer periods and avoid movements they would otherwise do.

This can cause someone to become overweight or obese which can cause more pressure on the blood vessels in the legs. In general it means a worsening in the afflicted person’s quality of life.

Not only is the afflicted person embarrassed by the problem but is experiencing regular pain and discomfort. This is one of the most important reasons that someone afflicted with varicose veins should seek a treatment option.

Poor vascular health

This involves a range of different implications that worsen the longer someone has bulging blood vessels. A deficiency in vascular health is what causes the issue in the first place and is only going to get worse if left untreated.

Bulging blood vessels are caused by the veins not processing the flow of blood correctly. This means that valves in the vein become faulty and begin to swell with blood that is backing up. This issue is compounded by gravity which explains why the issue most commonly manifests in people’s legs.

If left untreated this issue is only going to compound, leading to blood vessels bulging even more and becoming prone to bleeding. It also means poor circulatory health in general as the blood flow to and from the affected area is negatively impacted.

These are just some of the worst symptoms of varicose veins and there are many more that are related to or caused by them. Each symptom has to potential to get worse the longer the issue remains untreated.

For these reasons it’s imperative that those afflicted with bulging blood vessels seek an appropriate treatment option as soon as they can.


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