HealthWhy more UK families are switching to private healthcare

Why more UK families are switching to private healthcare

Whilst there’s a lot to be said for the UK’s free National Health Service, there’s no denying that the NHS has its own set of challenges and problems today. It’s comforting to know that as a UK citizen you have the right to free healthcare should you fall ill or have an accident.

However, the fact that NHS resources are being increasingly stretched is a factor pushing many families to choose the private healthcare option instead. With healthcare insurance options making it easier than ever before for even those on fairly low incomes to afford the cost of private healthcare, here are some of the main reasons why more and more families are making the switch.

#1. Comfortable Facilities
Whilst NHS staff are amazing and certainly do as much as they can to ensure that their patients are as comfortable as possible during their stay, there’s no denying that NHS hospitals, dealing with underfunding and scarce resources, are not always the most comfortable or inviting places to stay during an illness.

On the other hand, private healthcare patients are usually treated in comfortable private rooms, often with more facilities available such as better entertainment options, longer visiting hours, and a better range of meal choices on the menu.

#2. Access to More Medication
Although it’s likely that you’ll get the medication that you need on the NHS, another main reason why an increasing number of families are opting for private healthcare is that some medications available are not provided by the NHS. Recently, the NHS has revealed that they will not be providing a range of further medications, including travel vaccines, gluten-free foods, rubefacients and more drugs that are essential to many people. Check out family health insurance policies at Usay Compare to discover how you can continue getting any medications that are no longer available via the NHS.

#3. Quicker Treatment
If you need treatment that is not urgent, chances are that you’re going to be waiting a long time to receive it on the NHS. Today, long waiting lists for NHS treatment are not uncommon, including mental health services such as counselling, which leave many people suffering for months before they can finally speak to somebody about their issues.

As a result, problems that may not have been too serious at the beginning can be left untreated whilst on a waiting list, leading to them only getting worse. On the other hand, private healthcare has much shorter waiting lists and there’s a much higher likelihood of receiving treatment instantly.

#4. Better Facilities
Lastly, private healthcare offers better facilities and more access to diagnostics such as CAT and MRI scans, which tend to be used sparingly on the NHS due to stretched resources. If you want a second opinion on a diagnosis or are unsure that you have been given correct information about your health, private healthcare providers will have better and more readily available facilities to do this for you.

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