Relationship between infertility and stress

There is a direct link between stress and infertility, a topic that can be very interesting if you do not get that long-awaited pregnancy and you feel overwhelmed in many aspects of your life. Let us remember that infertility is one of the emotional problems faced by many couples.

When the desire to have children can not be satisfied, several spheres of the life of women and men can be affected. In this situation can appear feelings like depression or anxiety. To this unpleasant situation should be added many comments from members of society, which although appear to be positive, actually generate more discomfort.

This situation may be more intense during fertility treatments. Many professionals ask to measure the levels of anxiety to know the situation in which each particular patient is. This is more than logical since couples or women can go through moments of fear of failure, which increases with the passage of time.

There is a link between stress and fertility problems in women, although there is not much scientific research to prove it, one of the few has been done by researchers at the Texas A & M Health Science Center. In this study it was possible to verify that the stress before pregnancy decreases in 29 percent the chances of getting pregnant in a year.

Saliva samples were taken for further analysis, so it was concluded that women who had high levels of stress markers in their saliva were less likely to become pregnant compared to those with low markers.

Stress should not be all bad if it is only considered as a possibility to be alert and prepared to deal with the damages that happen around, in many ways the stress is necessary for the survival of the people. Excessive stress, on the other hand, could lead to certain hormonal changes or changes that would hinder the development of a pregnancy.