Advantages of epidural anesthesia during birth


Epidural anesthesia has become very popular in recent times in order to aid in minor surgical procedures in order to eliminate pain during this process. A slight puncture in the spinal cord causes the nerve endings to become numb, so the patient remains conscious, but without pain.

Its most frequent use is in the processes of childbirth, in this way the pregnant woman is consciously aware of the birth of her baby, and yet she does not feel the pain that causes the delivery. Although a priori turns out to be a great solution full of advantages, it also implies some risks, coming to have great detractors. However, today we are going to focus on everything positive that epidural anesthesia offers during birth.

According to experts, the most important advantages are:

  • Removes pain from contractions. Since the child begins to want to leave the womb, his strength to open the only outlet channel is such that the pain becomes, in some cases, unbearable. Although until these last years, it was unthinkable that this task was done without suffering, with the arrival of the epidural has appeared another option for those mothers who, voluntarily or by medical prescription, can not, or want to go through that situation.
  • Women with diabetes often have insulin or glucose imbalances throughout this process. However, with epidural, and total relaxation during labor, this risk is nullified.
  • Women with heart or lung problems. Always under the supervision of your doctor and offering all the guarantees, it seems that it is also a good formula so that their pathologies are not aggravated during the birth of the baby. Not being pressed by suffering, the body is relaxed and both the heart and the lungs work better.
  • Blood pressure is maintained at normal levels. As in the case of heart or lung problems, without having to suffer alterations by the pain, the tension remains constant without risk of surging, causing serious problems in both the baby and the mother.
  • If an emergency cesarean was to be performed, because the baby is ill or the mother does not dilate enough, among other things, the anesthesia is already administered, so it would only start the process immediately.
  • The use of forceps, suction cups or the like is expedited, causing less damage.

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