Using mobile in pregnancy does not hurt the baby


The use of technology has ceased to be a rarity only for experts, to become an essential element in our life. The way we communicate has taken a drastic turn, offering us the possibility that, with just a little gadget that takes us in one hand, we can connect with everyone in just a few seconds. But like all that new and full of advantages, also appear opinions that are not at all favorable.

Apparently, according to some opinions, the use of the smartphone during pregnancy caused different problems in the development of the baby, especially in his cognitive abilities and behavioral disorders. These fears have now been superseded by a study carried out in Norway in which they say that it is not only harmful, but that it may even have some advantage.

From Norway, specifically from the Institute of Public Health, comes an investigation in which the data of 45,389 women and their children have been collated. Data ranging from the beginning of pregnancy until the children were 5 years old. In it appear reports on gestation, the use of the mobile and the growth of the baby, through their cognitive abilities and their behavior. Key facts to check if your brain had been affected by the use of smartphone.

The results were totally favorable, finding no harm in the use of new technologies. Moreover, according to the data, it was even beneficial, since those children who had been exposed to the mobile during pregnancy, presented less problems when using the language, to form sentences or to express verbally. It was as if using the smartphone would enhance their language skills.

So why this false belief that it was harmful? According to the authors of this study, it may be because in previous investigations, mice were used to reach those negative conclusions, so the data would not be so conclusive.

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