The fertility of Western men has fallen by 50 percent


A study carried out by the University of Murcia (Spain) has shown that, in recent years, the concentration of spermatozoa, as well as their quality, have varied drastically in the last forty years. In fact, and according to the figures that are handled, male fertility, in the western countries, has fallen by 50 percent.

This research has been carried out after comparing the different studies that have been carried out between 1973 and 2011 on this topic, showing how during these years the numbers of fertile men have been falling drastically. Hence, at present, fertility treatments in order to achieve a pregnancy, have increased significantly.

After comparing the data offered over these years, it has been found that the decline in sperm count by 52.4 percent. But much more worrisome is the decline in sperm quality that has reached 59.3 percent.

These results have created a great concern among doctors and scientists whose task is now to look for the reasons for this unstoppable decline, since, according to the graphs, it seems that it will not stop at any time.

In this study, in addition to Western men, samples were also taken from men from other continents. North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand, are the ones with the highest male fertility decline. However, in Africa, South America and Asia it has not been observed that it has fallen, it is also true that the number of men analyzed is much lower.

According to the theory of experts, this drastic decline may be due to the amount of chemicals with which we have contact from the moment of birth. In both the food and the air we breathe, we find enough chemical elements that our body is affected.

But if, in addition, man has direct contact with toxic substances, then this anomaly multiplies considerably. Among the most dangerous we find pesticides like DDT, composed of a structure very similar to human hormones, which makes our body is altered, directly affecting the production of spermatozoa.

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