Very successful peanut allergy treatment

One of the most popular nuts is peanuts. However, as it has been observed in recent times, it is one of the food that causes more allergies in the child population. Different studies encourage children to be exposed to these nutrients, the sooner the better, to overcome this intolerance.

According to the statistics that are handled, peanut allergy is usually one of the causes of death among children, more than any other food allergy. Perhaps because it can be found hiding in multitude of foods prepared or elaborated industrially. The truth is that it has become the great health concern of the last times.

Research in Australia shows that a new shock treatment is very effective (82%).

Australian scientists created a new treatment that combined a probiotic with peanut protein, which was named as: PPOIT.

To test their efficacy, 48 children were sampled and divided into two groups. One of these groups took this combination of probiotic and peanut; And the other group a simple placebo. They took it once a day for 18 months.

This trial ended in 2013 with a spectacular result: 82 percent of the children who took the treatment, had cured of their allergy; In the group of those who took the placebo, only 4 percent could take this dry fruit after treatment.

However, children were still observed to see if this “cure” was definitive or recurred over time. Four years later they were again tested to see if the intolerance had disappeared or there was a risk of recurrence. Of all of them, 70 percent passed the test positively, making it a great success within childhood allergies.

For researchers this finding is very important as it could be the perfect key to eliminate food intolerances in humans, since children. This treatment could be applied not only in the field of nuts but also in any other type of nutrient.