How to avoid pregnancy dizziness

Is it normal to feel dizzy during pregnancy? Today we will look for the answer to this question that mothers could have. On many occasions women who are expecting a baby may feel dizzy.

Normally, during pregnancy, the blood vessels will dilate and the blood pressure may gradually decrease. In the middle of the pregnancy the lowest point is reached. After that stage you will begin to increase and return to normal levels when you are about to arrive at the time of birth. When the body fails to adapt in the right time, dizziness or a sensation of lightheadedness may appear, in the most extreme cases, fainting occurs.

Best Pregnancy Body PillowHow to prevent dizziness

It is important not to get up quickly, you will have to do it slowly, if you are lying down first sit and stay in that position for a few seconds with your legs hanging from the bed or sofa, then stand slowly. One of the most common causes is to get up very quickly and abruptly. While sitting, blood will accumulate in the feet and lower legs. If the body fails to adapt when standing because blood does not return from the legs to the heart, blood pressure may fall rapidly and dizziness or fainting will occur.

Using support stockings may help improve blood circulation in the lower part of the body.

After the second trimester, it is advised not to lie on your back to prevent the problem from getting worse. It is best to lie on your side, placing a pillow from behind or below the hip, so you can stay on your side. By the second trimester of pregnancy the growth of the uterus could cause circulation to be slower in the legs, this is because the inferior vena cava is compressed, as are the veins of the pelvis.

What to do if you feel dizzy

The first thing to do if the dizziness appear will be to lie down. Lying on your side will increase the flow of blood to the heart and the brain. This will help to prevent fainting and reduce the feeling of dizziness. When dizziness appears at times when it is impossible to lie down, sitting down is enough not to fall.