Stop smoking before 40 … you know why?

It is well known that smoking seriously damages your health, regardless of how much you smoke and for how long. The main message is therefore, do not start smoking, but if you have fallen into temptation and are a smoker, the sooner you leave, the less likely to suffer its consequences.

Several studies have shown that it is best to stop smoking before age 40, in which the effects begin to multiply more sharply, and from which some of them will no longer be reversible. Active smokers have an average of 10 years less life expectancy than those who have never smoked. However if they quit smoking between the ages of 45-54 they could gain 6 years of life and if they do between 35-45 years they would gain 9 of these 10 years.

According to another study in UK women and published in The Lancet, those who stopped smoking before age 30 lost 1 month of life, while those who did at 40 lost 1 year of life.

This does not mean we can smoke until we are 35 without worrying. If you start smoking at very early ages affects the correct development of lung and other organs of the human body, it increases the incidence of diseases such as asthma, respiratory infections, decreased fertility, ability to resist exercise and, Although they live the same, health suffers and therefore will be years of poorer quality of life (and worse physical appearance, more wrinkles, premature aging, stains on teeth …).

It is worse the time that you have smoked, than the amount of cigars, if you did in a shorter period of time.

Quitting smoking at any age brings benefits

And although these are the data, if you are over 55 and still smoke, quitting smoking always improves health and quality of life. Since 48 hours without smoking we can achieve important improvements in health. So the earlier you do it better and it is never late to benefit from leaving it.