Is it healthier to take saccharin or stevia?


Whether it is to control blood sugar levels or to control weight and shape, sweeteners are a very common alternative to sugar. Both saccharin and stevia are calorie-free sweeteners that, as far as recommended, are healthy substitutes for sucrose.

In powder, in liquid… saccharin has always been the substitute product par excellence for sugar. Whether at home or at someone else’s house, in restaurants or in cafeterias… Asking for saccharin when your coffee is brought to you with a sachet of sugar is the order of the day.
For some time now, stevia has begun to steal the limelight from the sweetener par excellence and there are many who, having been faithful consumers of saccharin until now, have opted to take the leap to stevia to provide the sweetness they are looking for in their food and drinks.

Saccharin is an artificial sweetener with a glycaemic index of 0 and no calories, while stevia, a 100% natural sweetener, has no calories either.

While stevia comes from a plant and has supposed health benefits for which there are no relevant studies, saccharin is surrounded by controversy, as there are those who claim that it has negative effects on health, although so far none have been scientifically proven. In other words, stevia is winning the language battle because it is presented as natural and much cooler than saccharin, which is demonised as an industrial product. We shall see if, sooner or later, a study appears with harmful side effects of stevia, conveniently publicised.

Both its origin in the midst of the explosion of the natural products revolution and its benefits mean that stevia usually has a higher price than other sweeteners such as saccharin, although it is one of the healthiest alternatives to sugar.

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