Can water make us thin or fat?

Water is essential for life, it is where we were born and without it no human being could survive. It is essential to carry out all the functions of an organism and in adulthood more than 60% of our body is made up of water. However, there are many deep-rooted myths about this liquid element, some of them about temperature and its supposed health benefits. We dismantle and nuance some of them.

Drinking very cold water is fattening

This myth arose from the belief that cold water taken after eating would solidify the fat in the food we have just eaten, causing it to be slowly digested and making it easier for us to accumulate that fat. Besides the fact that this is based on an assumption and not on any study, the truth is that water contains no calories, for this reason, it will hardly produce any weight gain.

Drinking very cold water makes you lose weight

When we ingest something very cold, even ice cream, or expose our body to low temperatures, it is true that our body has to generate extra heat to increase the temperature until it reaches our body’s temperature, which is 36-37 degrees. However, this is not such a significant calorie burn that we can claim to be losing weight, since raising the temperature of a glass of water from 6 to 36 degrees will not make us burn more than 7.5 kcal. In other words, to burn the approximately 600 calories that we burn running for an hour, we should drink about 15 litres of water, something that does not seem very feasible.

Hot water helps combat constipation

Drinking water, whatever it is, helps to relieve constipation because, along with fibre intake, it is the best way to prevent it. But, in addition, hot water activates peristalsis (contractions of the digestive tract), which promotes intestinal transit.