How to replace some processed foods with a healthier version


The frenetic pace of life, the increase in consumption of fast food or the ease and convenience offered by pre-cooked products mean that, on many occasions, healthy eating habits are neglected.

Thus, in order to eat healthy, it is important to know that it is not necessary to follow strict diets, but that it is enough to eat in a balanced and varied way, avoiding excesses of certain foods. To do this, you can choose to replace some foods with another, healthier version.

To replace certain commonly used foods with a healthier version, you can start with breakfast. Although it is the most important meal of the day, you should be careful with excess sugar.

To do this, you can start by replacing canned juices with a piece of fruit. It is also advisable to buy pure cocoa powder rather than using the typical brands of cocoa that contain a lot of sugar. In addition, if you like toasted bread, you can replace butter and industrial jams with olive oil or avocado and fruit purée, respectively.

It is also important to take into account that ultraprocessed products, that is, those foods that already come ready to eat or that only need to be fried in a pan, put in the microwave or baked for a few minutes, have little nutritional quality.

It is true that these foods are very helpful and usually like the youngest in the house, as it is usually cannelloni or lasagna already prepared, fried as, for example, croquettes, nuggets or booklets, also pizzas or noodles already made. All these products can be replaced by the same products, but made at home. Although much more time is spent on making these homemade dishes, they will always be healthier than the ones you buy that are already made.

These ready-made meals can also be replaced by other healthier dishes that are quick to make. Foods such as canned fish, which can be used to add a touch to salads, sandwiches or other easy-to-prepare recipes, can be useful for this purpose. Also the legumes that come already cooked in a jar are healthy and serve to make fresh salads ideal for summer or to cook purees in winter.

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