FoodTurn up the heat – 5 ways to rekindle your love of...

Turn up the heat – 5 ways to rekindle your love of cooking

Once a cook, always a cook, right? The truth is that even the most avid chef can fall out of love with the culinary arts. Just like the fabled “seven-year itch”, the monotony of the daily grind of churning out the same old meals over and over can cause the spark of joy to fade.

When working in the kitchen feels more like a chore than an inspiration, it could be that you’re suffering a case of culinary burnout. Whether it’s just a random dark day or two here and there, or days that stretch into weeks and even months where you just aren’t feeling it; have no fear. You can rekindle your love of cooking using the five tips below.

1.- Treat Yourself to Some New Equipment

One of the quickest ways to motivate yourself to get back in the kitchen is to treat yourself to some fresh gear. Who can resist a new toy, right? Some beautiful cookware, high-quality utensils or a state-of-the-art gadget or two can have you excited to get back into the kitchen and get busy using them.

2.- What Do You Want to Eat?

Cooking for others can become a monotonous chore. You know what I’m talking about. Rather than racking your brain to think of something different that all the kids will actually eat, you give up and settle for that boring old mac and cheese that you know will be gobbled down without tantrums. Perhaps it’s time to stop cooking for everyone else, and start doing it for yourself. When you make foods you crave, you’re more apt to enjoy the task at hand. You might have to deal with some whining, but trust me, it’ll be worth it.

3.- Don’t Be a Short Order Cook

Following on from the previous point, many parents find that their little picky-eaters totally ruin the cooking experience for them. Rather than whipping up a creative, delicious meal every night, they are stuck churning out separate bland, uninspiring dishes to meet each child’s whims and irrational preferences. Stop being an unpaid short-order cook and start dishing up a little bit of culinary tough love!. Research shows that while it can be a rocky road, kids will eventually learn to branch out and eat whatever is placed before them. Pandering to their desires will only enable them. Break the habit now, and you’ll set them up for a lifetime of healthier eating habits.

4.- Food Porn

When married couples lose interest in the bedroom, therapists sometimes recommend they explore something a little spicier. The same tactic can work for a loss of desire in the kitchen, as well.

There’s a reason they call it food porn, and it can be found just about anywhere. From magazines at the checkout counter to online at websites like Pinterest, colorful images of delicious looking dishes are a feast for the eyes that will surely motivate your cooking appetite once again.

5.- Get Tech

Technology s your friend in the kitchen. The internet is a seemingly limitless source of delectable recipes, how to videos and extraordinary cooking apps that can help your cooking and keep you inspired. Find new and exciting recipes, organise your favourites, or discover new ways to cook the foods you love. Everything is online these days, so use it wisely!

There’s no shame in losing your desire to create tasty dishes. It happens to even the best chefs in the world from time to time. The good news is, you can get your groove back in the kitchen by following the five tips outlined above.


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