Why should not we give (barely) sugar to our children?


1. Because its value as a nutrient is zero. It has no proteins, no fiber, no vitamins, no minerals, no fats. It does not contribute “nothing good”, except “empty calories”.

2. Because it is not necessary for the brain and muscles to work. The “necessary sugar”, which is called glucose, is made by our body from many healthy foods.

3. Because the consumption of foods with sugar means that less healthy foods are consumed. This puts the health of our children at risk.

4. Because if they get used to the sweet taste since they are small, then it will not be easy to accept other flavors.

5. Because it is the biggest enemy of the teeth. And from the pocket. Caries causes pain, loss of teeth and many visits to the dentist.

6. Because weight gain increases. And with greater weight more risk of having type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular problems and some types of cancer.

7. Because we must encourage healthy habits from a young age, to ensure they are healthy adults and responsible for their nutrition.

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