Growth milk: is it necessary?


The milk of growth is a type of special milk, is prepared from skimmed cow’s milk to which some components are added in order to make it richer. By the components that are added, it looks quite like the milk of continuation. The milk of growth is advised from the year until the three years of age. It does not have specific legislation about its content, the industry focuses on the regulation linked to the continuation milk.

Growth milk adjusts to the immature characteristics of the child’s renal and digestive apparatus. Keep in mind that when the child is already one year old, it must have more quantity and variety of nutrients, depending on the maturity of your body will be able to digest and process foods that previously could not, including cow’s milk.

Some consider this type of milk is not only more expensive but they question the real usefulness of the product.

Many professionals consider that from the year of age, the children’s body is already prepared to drink cow’s milk, although they may end up having an excess of protein and will not be counting on the amount of iron needed is quite a food full.

A key point to establish whether or not you can take growth milk is to determine the age of the child who will be taking it. Keep in mind that at one year of life milk is not the only food the child will receive. If the rest of the foods that make up his diet is varied and complete, including all food groups, he will already be receiving nutrients that do not have cow’s milk but will be contributed by the rest of the food.

Anyway, this type of products always generates a polemic, especially on the benefits and their usefulness.

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