Palm oil in children’s foods


Food, especially that of children, is taking on a very important importance in recent times. And it is that it finally seems that we are being more aware of the impact on our health leading a good diet. For some decades now, obesity has become one of the most serious health problems in the population. An obese child has a high chance of developing chronic diseases. The sad thing is most overweight in children, it is due to poor diet.

It is already mandatory that the labels of the food we buy appear all the ingredients that make it up. This is how we learned that what we called “vegetable fats” is “palm oil”, a fat extracted from the oil palm, and which, according to the latest research, is not so beneficial as it seems.

According to research, this fat is the cause of serious cardiovascular risks, in addition is inducing to raise cholesterol (the bad), is also related to diabetes problems. According to an experiment done with laboratory rats, palm oil produced metastases in those rats that had been inoculated with cancer cells. So we would be talking about a subject too serious to ignore.

Palm oil is found in processed foods such as cacao creams, industrial pastries, sweet and savory snacks, pre-cooked meals … And its impact is much greater since it does not go alone, accompanied by unhealthy ingredients such as excess sugars or Salt. Therefore they are foods not recommended for children. Let’s not forget they are in the process of growing and their influence is much more negative than in adults.

From all these reflections, it is necessary to return to the path of food as natural as possible. Fortunately we live in a country where we enjoy a good market of fresh and natural products. Good vegetables, excellent fruits, meats and fish well treated, allow us to prepare rich dishes where the base are the best nutrients. That is why it is important that we leave aside the comfort of all those industrial products, nothing healthy, to regain the taste for home cooking.

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