6 Reasons Why Vietnamese Food Is So Distinctive

One of the hottest food trends right now is Vietnamese. If you love robust flavours, fresh ingredients, and tasty combinations of herbs and spices, you’ll love Vietnamese cuisine. But what makes Vietnamese food so special? Find out here in our quick guide to six reasons to love Vietnamese food.

1. Contrasting Flavours

Vietnamese food is characterised by blends of sweet and sour, hot and mild, spicy and smooth. The cuisine, therefore, is never boring and these contrasts are handled expertly by Vietnamese chefs to produce surprisingly tasty dishes. You even get the excellent contrast between raw and cooked ingredients within the same dishes.

2. Regional Variations

You also get the contrasts from different regions in Vietnam. The food from the south of the country tends to be sweeter and spicier, while the dishes that are traditionally from the north are more Chinese and French in style. A vietnamese restaurant london offers could specialise in food from a certain region or provide an interesting mix of all different variations.

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3. Blend of Exotic Ingredients

Some of the most distinctive and popular elements of Vietnamese cuisine, the ingredients that make it so special, include fish sauce, soy sauce, lemon grass, kaffir lime leaves, and lime. These ingredients may be plain on their own, but when combined in a Vietnamese dish they really come alive. Meats are used in the cooking, and often form a crucial part of the dish, especially beef and chicken. Pork is also popular, along with shrimp.

4. Fresh Food

Vietnamese food is also characterised by its freshness. Vegetables are never over-boiled and tasteless; they are briefly fried or boiled so they retain their flavour. Meat is cooked through but never overdone. The ingredients are prized for their freshness. And there are plenty of fresh herbs used at all stages of the cooking.

5. Broths and Soups are Common

Soups and broths form a main part of the meal but they are far from bland. They provide a burst of stunning flavour and fill you up at any meal; breakfast, lunch or dinner. The popular Pho dish of beef broth with noodles is even most commonly eaten at breakfast.

6. Fish is Never Boring

Fish is one of the staples of Vietnamese cuisine and it is prepared in a wide variety of manners. It can be fried, barbequed, steamed, baked, etc. Fish dishes may be spicy or mild, and are usually served with boiled rice or steamed vegetables. Fish sauce is also highly popular and forms the integral basis of many dishes. It is made from salted anchovies which are then fermented. It is used as a condiment or as a cooking ingredient.