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Careers in Kindness: 5 Career Ideas for Those Who Love to Help Others

People often refer to the world as “cut-throat” and “dog-eat-dog.” While these terms certainly do apply in some professions, this doesn’t mean there’s no place for softhearted people to thrive. Quite the contrary – there are plenty of career paths you can take that will allow you to side-step aggressive, competitive industries and let your nurturing spirit do what it does best.

From personal training to tutoring services, here are five ideal career paths for those who care about kindness.

1. Personal training

If your image of a personal trainer is someone yelling at their clients and “being cruel to be kind,” well, this actually does describe some personal trainers we’ve met! However, not all clients respond to this kind of encouragement. If you love fitness, are a good listener, and genuinely care about helping people overcome difficult challenges, you could find a lot of fulfillment as a personal trainer. You’ll also get to spend your days helping people live healthier lives – what’s not to love?

2. Substance abuse counselor 

This one may feel particularly relevant if you or a family member has ever experienced the negative impact of substance abuse. You can take that difficult experience and use it as motivation to gain your education as a counselor and then help other people make it through the challenges of overcoming addiction.

Of course, if you don’t have any personal experience with addiction or substance abuse, that doesn’t mean you can’t be an effective counselor. However, if you don’t feel drawn to the field, you may have something else you’re personally affected by that you’re inspired to help others with.

3. Massage therapist, physiotherapist, or osteopath

In each of these roles, you’ll be helping people relax, overcome pain, and gain more freedom of movement. The main difference is in the level and type of education required. If you’re keen on going to college and diving into plenty of medical education along with the physical therapy side of things, then you may wish to become an osteopath or physiotherapist. If you’d rather focus on the relaxation and manual therapy side of things, there are various massage modalities you can pursue.

4. Environmental engineer

If you want to help people on a global scale, then you may wish to look into environmental engineering. Of course, this will require many years of study and an aptitude for mathematics and science. However, this investment of time and resources will place you in a position to have a positive impact on the environment and all the earthlings we share our planet with.

5. Tutoring in a subject you’re passionate about

If you’re a recent high school graduate still figuring out what career path you want to follow, spending a year tutoring could be incredibly helpful. Not only will it give you space to figure out your own life choices but it will also fill your days with helping young students achieve the grades they want and make it into the college of their choice.

If high school is a little further back in your metaphorical rearview mirror, tutoring could still be a fantastic career option for you. Whether you teach English to students in Vietnam or teach a local group of eager beginners how to surf, sharing your expert knowledge is one of the kindest things you can do.


Hopefully, one of the kind and caring career options above took your fancy. If not, there are plenty of other care-based roles out there, so keep searching until you find the one that feels right for you.


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