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7 ways to make money with Amazon

Amazon is on everyone’s lips, and no wonder, this company is breaking all limits, but… Do you know that you can make money with Amazon? We give you the 8 ways you can make money.

Surely you have used some of the many services offered by Amazon, from buying a product from its large market, to watch a movie or series, upload your images to the Amazon cloud or other advantages available that the company offers if you are a Prime member.

In addition to spending money in this company, it also offers you the opportunity to generate in different ways.

How to make money with Amazon

This company has become the giant of sales, you can buy almost anything from books to supermarket products. You will find almost everything on Amazon.

This giant company needs a lot of employees to properly perform all the tasks and services it offers. To do this, the company offers different options for people who want to collaborate and generate extra income.

Below you will find 7 ways for you to earn money through Amazon.

Selling items

As the world’s largest marketplace, you can become a seller on Amazon and reach people from almost any corner of the globe. Now, internationalizing products is more affordable than ever.

It’s not easy because in addition to the bureaucratic requirements you will face a lot of sellers with products equal to or better than yours and incredible prices.

Amazon Flex – Amazon Delivery

Amazon Flex is a service offered by the company where freelancers with their own vehicle can work delivering packages at a fixed price for the two-hour block.

The good thing about this is that it offers freedom to set your own schedule, work what you want to work and generate as much money as you can or want.

Work as an Amazon warehouse

You’ve probably had to go to the neighborhood bookstore, optician or corner store to pick up your Amazon product.

The company offers an option to act as a warehouse for products that couldn’t be delivered to a certain area. If you have a space, you can put it up for “rent” for Amazon and make some extra money.

Working from home for Amazon

Amazon has a specific website to recruit people who want to work from home (or wherever you want). Normally, the vacation season is when there are more of these opportunities. Most of these jobs are for customer service positions.

Amazon Affiliate

Working as an Amazon affiliate is another option for making money. In fact, there are already many bloggers doing courses on how to make money with Amazon affiliates. On Amazon’s website they will give you a guide with all the tips, they even teach you how to set up a store with Amazon, all for free.

You can create a blog and recommend Amazon products. You can also recommend them through social networks or as you see fit, be creative. Amazon will pay you a commission per product sold.

Publish a book on Amazon

Amazon gives you the possibility to self-publish a book. You can publish as many books as you want and make money with Amazon passively with the sales of your book.

You don’t have to be a great writer, there are many types of books you can write, from manuals to cooking recipes, technical books… be creative.

Publishing your book is totally free. It will take you little time and it will be available to millions of readers around the world.

Get out the pages you’ve been saving and upload them to Amazon!

Selling handicrafts on Amazon

If you want to sell your handmade products, Amazon has a section called Amazon Handmade. Unlike other platforms to sell handmade crafts online, you have to submit a request so Amazon can verify that all your products are original handmade by you or an employee.


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