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The perfect professions for working from home

The dream fulfilled. Working in pyjamas. Balancing work and personal life. Working from the beach, the countryside or anywhere where our laptop and a WiFi are. Sounds great, although we already know that not everything that glitters is always gold. Anyway, while most people must actually go to work, there are a number of professions that are ideal for teleworking. What are they and why do they benefit from this way of working?

Creative professions

Painters, writers, musicians, designers. The creative spirit is restless and is not born to be locked up in an office or to have a pre-set schedule. From home, a creative professional will be able to take advantage of that moment when the muse shows up at two in the morning without feeling remorse or having to give explanations.


What is the point of keeping a position in an office when most of the working day is spent visiting clients or travelling from one place to another? It is becoming increasingly common for sales professionals to have their office at home… or in the car.

Social media experts and community managers

New times have brought us new professions. Living from managing one (or several) blogs and social network accounts, either your own or those of others, is now possible and is, without a doubt, one of the professions in which you can most benefit from the advantages of working from home or, better still, from anywhere in the world that can enrich the content we upload to the web.

Journalists and bloggers

More than teleworking, in the case of journalism professionals, we could talk about not having a fixed space in the newsroom. Graphic journalists, reporters, etc., will spend most of their day away from any office, and when it comes to writing their content, they will be able to do so from the comfort and flexibility of their homes.

Programmers, graphic designers, social media experts…

Any profession where the main working material is a computer is likely to be perfect for working from home. The options are multiple: services for marketing, graphics design, illustration, web design, managing e-commerce businesses, programming, layout, maintaining sites, video editing…


E-commerce has opened doors unimaginable a few years ago to people with skills in the manufacture of clothing, accessories or handmade jewelry. It is difficult to make a name for yourself in the marketplace, but if you can, the idea of working on your creations from home, at your own pace, will pay off.


The advantages that e-learning has brought to the world of education allow something as unthinkable some time ago as the possibility of learning/teaching from home. The great advantage, in this case, is for the student, who can find the teaching professional of the field in which he wants to train, no matter where in the world he is.


Most of the work of lawyers, economists or engineers who do consulting work does not require a physical office. As in so many other professions, the workplace will be the computer and the global world. A large part of client meetings can be conducted via video conferencing, but it will be good to provide a suitable location for physical meetings.


Any profession that revolves around the world of languages benefits from a professional who can travel and be in touch with the language he or she works with. Most translators work as freelance professionals, that is, they receive their assignments and work on them from home, or from wherever they are in the world at any given time.


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