Unnecessary things when organizing a wedding

When we start organizing a wedding, suddenly a lot of doubts arise, we are given a lot of advice and we are a little crazy about the things that are supposed to be done. However, with time you will realize that there are things that are not as necessary as it seems when preparing a wedding event, and that there is a lot of legend in all this. To help you, we have prepared a small list of unnecessary things to do when organizing a wedding.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on guest gifts

We are aware that a wedding is a lot of expenses and that there are things to cut back on, so we recommend that you don’t spend too much on the guests, but don’t eliminate this money in question. You will never be able to give away something that is really valuable to everyone, so make sure you give away something that is local or has special meaning related to the marriage and that gives a touch of colour (or humour) to the ceremony, but that is not too expensive!

You don’t have to have the dress a year in advance

Your body changes, your tastes change, trends change… and what you like twelve months earlier may not be exactly what you want a year later. We’re not telling you to save it for the last of the latest preparations, but we’re telling you to take it easy and investigate what kind of things you like, how they will suit you according to what designs and what you’ll be wearing a year from now.

You don’t need to spend a fortune on the decoration

They will remember the food and drink, and if everything was nice, but they will attribute it to the building or the church and will not appreciate the money you will have to spend to get a plus of elegance. Save it for the honeymoon.

You don’t have to have everyone’s approval for everything

It is completely unnecessary, and you must be clear about it from the beginning, or you will suffer fools. The wedding is yours and your partner’s, and even if you seek an opinion from your loved ones, you don’t have to expect them to like absolutely everything and say yes as you would like. Obviously, you don’t need their approval.