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The digital nomads, the new way to travel and work

Today, we enjoy many new trends that allow us to change our lifestyle and live our day-to-day life the way we want, enjoying new styles, new activities and, in short, new experiences.

In this case, we would like to highlight one of the novelties that has attracted our attention the most in this respect, especially because it is related to work, something that is sometimes not taken into account in the way it should be. We are talking about the new labour paradigm that is causing a sensation in countries all over the world, the decision to be a digital nomad. For those people who do not know this term, we are going to explain some of its keys and advice.

What is a digital nomad?

A Digital Nomad, by definition, is a person who uses the Internet to perform his occupation and/or sell his knowledge to other people or companies in remote, changing his location from time to time. That is, it is a person who works through the Internet.
Of course, this way of working remotely, allows you to lead a nomadic life, so to speak, hence the name “digital nomad”.

There are several advantages to this way of working. For example, as we have already mentioned, it allows us to move from one place to another with total freedom, that is to say, it allows us to travel and see the world without having to lose our job or to adapt our whole rhythm to it.

On the other hand, this way of working can be adapted to different business models, which are increasing as the new trends advance and the use of the Internet for all kinds of actions becomes more popular.

Finally, people who are digital nomads, consider it a lifestyle, rather than a way of working. This way of living allows us to take control of our rhythm, of the place where we want to be, of everything that prevents us from living as we want to.

Digital nomads in Europe

This trend is increasingly common, the so-called digital nomads take advantage of the opportunities that come to them and enjoy this way of life.

Many non-European citizens, with great interest in discovering the main cities of this continent, choose the life of a digital nomad in order to be able to do so. The plan is simple: work remotely while travelling in Spain, Greece, Croatia, Italy or Germany.

However, the legal side of things is often the number one obstacle to doing so. All these citizens from outside the European Union need a visa or residence permit that allows them to travel from country to country, but at the same time, establishing themselves in one of the countries as their base of operations.

Many of them, especially Americans, choose to have a non-profit residence in Spain, and travel around Europe with the peace of mind that they are choosing the way of working that they have always dreamed of.


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