What is Fortnite: Party Royale?


Since its launch Fortnite has always been clear in its dynamics: landing on an island and ensuring the survival of the character while killing his rivals.

Over the last few years, the spoiled boy of Epic Games has remained at the top of the popularity charts with millions of users, which also translates into millions of dollars in revenue.

However, this has not made the developers of Fortnite take everything for granted and feel they no longer need to do anything to keep their fans and gain new audiences.

Epic Games is therefore preparing a new game mode for Fortnite called Party Royale, in which the competition will be put aside and players will be offered a map where everything will become a place to enjoy and have fun with other users online.

In images shared by the user of Twitter @Lucas7yoshi can be seen some images that offer details on how this new game mode will look for which would be enabled a new map named Papaya where this new dynamic of Fortnite will take place.

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