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How to create the perfect video call corner in your home

During confinement, the use of video calls has multiplied, whether for work purposes or to communicate with family and friends. Do you want to know the essential factors in creating an area where you can get high quality images, sound and a suitable environment?

You should locate a secluded space for greater peace and quiet to make video calls. It is best to have a room to isolate yourself from the rest of the house. If this is not possible, look for a corner as far away from the family activity as possible.
The camera should be focused on a controlled area to avoid other family members appearing when it is a matter of work. Video calling from the couch is fine when it comes to family or friend gatherings.

Here are the keys to achieving this.

Find an area where there is a good connection

A good internet connection is required to make video calls to avoid having the image or sound cut off in the middle of the connection. So you should make sure that the area has good wifi coverage. You also need to have an outlet nearby to charge your device to avoid being cut off in the middle of the meeting. To avoid a messy picture, be careful to have a lot of wires in sight.

Take care of the lighting!

When making video calls it is important to have good lighting. To get a good image quality without shadows or excess light. It’s important to avoid backlighting, never place a light source behind your back, as callers will only see a black spot instead of your face. It is best to have a light source that illuminates your face to avoid backlighting. Also, if possible, it is best to have two points: one in front and one on the side. This way you will get a more natural illumination and avoid shadows.

Neat and tidy background

The space in which you telework should be arranged, thus facilitating the ability to concentrate. Taking care of the environment so that it is clear, clean and organised will say a lot about you, about the image you want to convey to your boss and colleagues. Try adding plants, some nice decorative element to create a suitable setting for your video calls. If you’re suspicious of your privacy or don’t want to distract your callers, you have the option of blurring the background around you.

To make professional-looking video calls you must have a stable support such as a desk or table so that the image does not move. Also avoid having to get up during the meeting, so it’s advisable to have all the material you need at hand so you don’t leave the screen.

Frame the image and get good acoustics

It will depend on the height and distance you place the device to frame your face centrally and frontally. To avoid giving a distorted image you should make previous tests to see how you look. It is recommended that you take up two thirds of the screen. The distance should be adequate to interact comfortably to activate or deactivate the microphone or screen sharing.

It can happen that in video calls it is difficult to understand the interlocutor due to sound problems, voice distortion… It is necessary to have a calm and silent area. It is recommended to use textiles in the area where the connection takes place, such as cushions, blankets and carpets to muffle the noise. It will also help to improve the aesthetics of the environment.

Establish schedules

As families are confined, they must organize themselves to use the same spaces in the home. Tables to work or study, computers… That is why it is important to establish schedules and routines so that everyone can do their tasks and duties. It is also necessary to transmit to your children that when you are working they cannot interrupt you unless it is necessary. Establish codes that indicate that you are in a meeting and that you cannot be disturbed.

Video calls are also for social life

The quarantine at home by the Covid-19 has triggered social gatherings through the devices. Casual encounters with our loved ones to celebrate birthdays, snacks with friends…

In these meetings you can be more spontaneous and choose an environment where you feel more comfortable and can move freely. If you are going to have a snack or family meal, set a well-decorated table. If it is for a party with your friends, put up some light garlands, take out some glasses and have fun!


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