Personal growth


Once we are aware of suffering from low self-esteem and have decided to address the situation, the most advisable is to develop a personal improvement plan, to consider that what we do not like about ourselves and that what we want to change in order to feel better. So said, it seems easy but we know that actually it is not so, and we are going to help you with a method that will make you see it a little easier.

  1. First of all, you must establish a concrete and feasible goal (learn a second language, to be slim, to be a well-dressed person, to be known in your community, play a musical instrument, have a clean house …)
  2. Next, write down the tasks you must do to achieve that goal.
  3. Once you know them, you need to order them. This will create less stress.
  4. Go yourself for it by analyzing and recording the (small) successes and progress you are making.

Establishing a goal is paramount because it is what will motivate every progress you make and will also make you rise if you fall by the wayside. but, at the time of setting a goal you must be sincere and consistent with yourself. You can not choose a goal that is not realistic or feasible because it is more likely that you will not achieve it and that will frustrate you more. Another important thing in relation to the goal is that it must be something that we really want or have always wanted to achieve, not a whim.

It must be a goal or objective you have to impose on yourself, not to be imposed on you from the outside because you will not have the motivation to achieve it.

Reflect on the progress you make each day to achieve it. That will help you to do not get overwhelmed because at the beginning you will have little success and keeping of your small advance will make you feel better.

As we all know, to achieve a goal it is necessary to complete some tasks. The first one is to identify what they are, the second, to think about how long it will take us to achieve them and, as I said before, do not worry if at the beginning it costs you more. The important thing is to value every effort you make.

But, like any good job, it requires order, so do not launch without establishing an orderly plan of attack. In addition, you yourself will realize that, planning and ordering the tasks, it is all much easier because it looks clearer.

Well with all this, now you just have to get going. Please, always remember: order and motivation.

Good luck!

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