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The 6 secrets to boosting brand awareness for your business

Every business wants people to remember their brand. Creating brand awareness is vital to building a loyal customer base, but it is a challenging task due to consumers’ oversaturation with brand messages. In fact, digital experts estimate that the average person sees between 4000 and 10,000 ads per day! We have gathered 6 secrets to building genuine and long-lasting brand awareness.

Get Your Brand in Their Hand

Most people in the marketing world have heard of the Rule of Seven. It states that people need to see your brand seven times before they can remember it. Repetition helps cement a company in your mind. To this end, using branded promotional products can be an excellent tool. Steer clear of cheap plastic gimmicks in favor of handy everyday items like a good quality pen, a USB stick or a reusable coffee cup. Making your company name part of a potential client’s daily routine will help ensure you are first to mind when they need a business in your field.


In our super-connected world, news spreads fast. Any sniff of dishonesty, inauthenticity or lack of transparency from a company will quickly be spotted, commented on and shared online. Conversely, brands that are honest, even vulnerable with their audience will build respect and loyalty. In fact, customers who have had a negative experience that is dealt with promptly, professionally and with a genuine apology are more likely to remember and recommend that company to others.


If you laid out all of your company images on the table along with pictures from other companies, would it be easy to identify which were yours? What about your blog posts, brochures, and website copy? Consistency is the key to a strong brand. Once you have defined your brand’s voice and visual identity, make sure that you inject these into everything that has your name on it. This will reinforce your brand message at every turn.

Social Media

With most people spending nearly two hours a day on social media, we know that a robust online presence is crucial to engaging with customers. It can also be a cost-effective method to communicate regularly with your customer base. Whereas companies used to spend tens of thousands creating polished videos and placing them on television, they can now shoot a quick and easy video on their smartphones and upload it straight away. The key here is to post regularly and with consistency and authenticity!

Consumer Focused Content

What do your customers what to know about the industry you are in? Research has found that 70% of customers prefer to learn about a company through useful content such as a blog post or article, rather than from an advertisement. This is a sizeable opportunity for savvy businesses to put themselves in their customer’s shoes and create engaging and relevant content. Doing so establishes you as both knowledgeable and authoritative, which is a great first impression.

Referral Programs

Referral programs are becoming increasingly popular to build brands. Has your bank ever offered you a bonus for referring a friend? How about your software company? Most people are happy to tell their friends or work associates about a business they use and with which they’re satisfied – especially when there is a perk in it for them. With word of mouth still being the most effective way to build your customer base, referral programs are a sound business practice.

Brand awareness is an essential, ongoing investment to show current and potential clients who you are and what you do, so make it a top priority.


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