4 ways to protect your credit card information

If you’re running a small business that depends on a lot of consumer transactions, you know you have a duty to make sure your payment processing is secure. These days, that mostly means knowing how to choose the service providers who can give you access to the payment tools you need to be able to promise your customers that security. The tools themselves have evolved to be easy to use, like the secure data transmission compatibilities of the Clover POS system. All you need is a tech-savvy provider like Merchant Account Solutions to connect you to the right equipment and service.

Payment Processing You Can Count On

MAS doesn’t just provide you with access to cutting-edge equipment. They also provide you with the variety of choices you need to be sure you’re fully supporting your staff, ensuring your opportunity runs efficiently. Most importantly, they can connect you to payment processing that ensures your entire transaction is as secure as possible from end to end. That gives you and your customers peace of mind, because it makes your small business much harder to target.

3 Other Ways to Protect Credit Card Information

On top of working with great payment processors, you’ll want to follow these steps to protect your credit card information:

  • Properly dispose of stubs and receipts to make sure information doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.
  • Segregate identifying marketing information from credit receipt records.
  • Secure your business Wi-Fi and only allow your operation’s devices on your main network.

Providing free Wi-Fi to customers is still a great idea, you just need to make sure you’re setting it up on a separate network, not the one your POS runs on.

Connect With Merchant Account Services

Whether you’re looking for equipment or payment processing services, you’ll find the full selection on the MAS website worth browsing. Find out how you can keep your business secure.