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Advantages of plastering machines

If you have a construction company or are a contractor looking to book large projects, it is a sensible decision to invest in quality equipment. Aside from making sure that you employ competent workers, you also need to have a good quality arsenal of tools and machinery.

One of the most important and perhaps time-consuming jobs is plaster and mortar application. It is the foundation of every building and is essential in structural integrity. Since plaster application ranges from exterior walls, interior walls, ceilings, and almost every area, it can certainly take up a lot of time and resources. Some contractors endeavour to hire as many individuals as possible just to get the job done as quickly as possible.

Instead of hiring a large number of plasterers, spray plastering machines have become the most efficient solution. The application of plaster using a spray machine is around three times faster than manual application.


In large projects, plastering a big surface area can be cumbersome if done manually. Several plasterers will be moving back and forth in the work area which can lead to possible accidents, a messy workplace, and uneven plaster application. This can cost a contractor money as well as time. One of the benefits of using a plastering machine is the consistency of application. Once the mortar has been mixed and the setting has been chosen, it can ensure even and continuous application with minimal spills to clean up.

Ease of operation

A plastering machine does not entail complicated mechanisms that will require special training for a person to master its operation. It is straightforward and easy to use and anyone who has some knowledge of construction equipment will be able to properly operate it. In fact, most plastering machines require only two to four persons to operate them.

For a contractor, this is another advantage. You don’t have to hire as many employees to complete plastering an entire building.

Buy or rent?

The next concern then is whether to purchase a machine or to rent it instead. Both of these options have benefits, depending mostly on the need of the contractor. Buying your own machine means you will also be responsible for maintenance and storage. If you have a dedicated facility for this, then buying your own can be a convenient option. However, if you don’t have the large initial capital to spare, renting a machine is the next best thing.

Renting also relieves you of the responsibility to store and clean the machine after use. Usually, the rental company takes care of this depending on the rental agreement. Renting also gives you an opportunity to choose a specific machine required for the job. For example, if you are going to undertake a large project, then you can opt to rent a larger plastering machine. Otherwise, for smaller construction projects, a smaller machine should be enough. This flexibility also allows you to allocate your budget wisely.

Before renting any equipment, it is always recommended to test the machine first. You’ll want to make sure that it is in good working condition before it is delivered to the construction site.


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