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Take control of your life – DIY, self help and beyond

Sometimes life just gets you down. Everywhere you turn there is a problem and no matter how hard you try, something seems to go wrong. Don’t you think it’s about time that you took the bull by the horns so that you are finally in control of your life? While there are some things which you will never be able to control, like other people, there are times when you imagine a problem to be much greater than it really is.

When Love Goes Awry

Perhaps one of the only things you can’t control in life is another person. You can change the way you respond to their actions, but you can’t change anyone but yourself. One day you wake up only to find that the person you’ve been sharing your life with is no longer there. They’ve left you for another man or woman. As hard as this may sound, there’s nothing you can do about it so get over it! One thing many women have had success with is changing their surroundings so that they don’t have constant reminders.

Start with a Remake of the Bedroom You Shared

Most of us don’t have the money, or the ambition, to just pick up and move. That’s not an option. However, what you can do is make a few changes to the rooms in the home which were special to the relationship. Obviously, that starts with the bedroom. Maybe you can’t afford to buy a whole new bedroom suite but what you might be able to do is totally makeover the linens, decorations and other areas that remind you of your lost love.

Start with trendy linens and duvets from companies like Threel that offer designs you aren’t likely to find in stores. It only takes a few basic changes to offer a huge difference in the room. You will no longer need to walk in at night only to be hit in the face with the fact that he/she has gone. You’d be surprised at the different “feels” you can accomplish just by redecorating a bit.

When Something Breaks and You Can’t Afford a New One

Then there are the times when something breaks and you can’t afford the cost of a repairman. There are so many repairs you can do at home without spending much other than the cost of materials. Your man is no longer in the home and to date, he’s always been the Mr. Fixit. Why can’t you be just as handy as he’d always been? For example, the garbage disposal gets jammed and refuses to run. It isn’t as complicated a procedure to get it freed and running again.

In fact, there are even DIY videos on YouTube that will walk you through the entire repair. Fortunately, a garbage disposal will be easier to repair than a broken relationship but it’s something you can take control of. One step at a time and you’ll soon find that your life is no longer spinning out of control. Your life might now be like that broken garbage disposal, but once you’ve learned that you’ve got what it takes, you can be your own garbage disposal. Chuck it all away and start fresh. From DIY to repairs, remember, you are in control of your life – now do something about it!


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