How to choose the best wedding car for your special day


A wedding day is a big day for anyone anticipating going down the aisle. There is lots of planning to make this day a success. One of the plans is to find the best wedding cars. Besides providing transport, a fleet of wedding cars is a key to a glamorous, unique and memorable occasion. Although you may have friends and family offering their cars, the only way to get the perfect wedding cars is by hiring. Here are tips to help you hire the best cars for your wedding.

Consider your wedding theme

You may have a traditional, novelty, vintage or modern-themed wedding. The theme you choose may determine the kind of wedding cars to choose. It is advisable that you choose cars that match or blend with your wedding theme. This includes your colour theme. Choose a car colour that blends with your wedding colour.

Consider your wedding dress

What type of wedding gown will you wear? The kind of dress you choose may only be ideal for a particular type of wedding car. A wedding gown may be large, wide or simple and light. If you choose to wear a wide wedding gown, a vintage car would be your ideal choice. Make sure that the car you choose has a comfortable and spacious rear seat. It is recommended that you go and see the wedding cars in Worcestershire prior to your wedding day.


Where will you be holding your wedding ceremony? Are you planning a reception at a different venue? Location is one key factor any time you are hiring wedding cars. First, the cars will have to drive the bride from her home to the wedding venue. As you compare different cars, make sure that you hire a car that will conveniently cover all the trips from the brides’ home, to the venue, to the bridal party. It is best that you discuss with the car hire agency the various places or venues you will be driven to.

Consider the package

Besides transportation, is there any other service included? These services differ depending on the car hire agency. Some of the services they may include are car decorations, photography, champagne and a chauffeur. Before you hire their services, it’s important that you read what is included in their package.

Finally, avoid disappointments on your wedding day by making an early booking. Always discuss with the wedding car hire agency their availability on your wedding date. If they are not available, consult a different company. Making an early deposit is ideal as you will avoid the last-minute rush. Start your wedding car search now to be assured of a successful and colourful wedding day.

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