More family stuffHow can a DUI impact family life?

How can a DUI impact family life?

In May 2017, traffic law was amended to crack down harder on those who drink and drive. Today, those who commit two or more drink driving violations in less than two years will lose their driver’s license and be referred to health authorities, who will evaluate the possible existence of a substance abuse problem. Recently, a representative of the Traffic Department, stated, “We have serious problems in terms of driving under the influence. Around 40% of deaths on the road involve alcohol or drugs.” Of course, it isn’t always those with substance abuse problems who drive under the influence. Sometimes, drivers can fail to accurately ascertain the amounts they have drunk at a party or gathering, and the result can be a lost license and the upheaval of family life.

Is it More Serious than it Seems?

If you have been charged with a DUI, it is vital to use this experience as an opportunity to look into your own drinking habits. Have you tried to lower your alcohol consumption to no avail? To you drink more, or for longer periods than you originally planned? Do you keep drink because you feel anxious or depressed? These are just a few questions that may lead you to seek help if required. You might decide to see your doctor or a therapist, or consider attending an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting; all cities have these support groups, which follow a 12-step programme to curb alcoholism.

Explain the Occurrence to Your Kids

If you have had your license revoked, your kids will probably notice something has changed. That is, your spouse may need to take over driving duties, they may have to take the bus to school etc. While babies and toddlers may not be too aware of these changes, older children and teens might benefit from having a talk about the effects of alcohol on one’s ability to drive. It is vital to find a positive aspect to your DUI; you can do this by teaching kids that every action has a reaction. Being irresponsible on the road leads to lost privileges. Moreover, kids should also understand that the difference between responsible driving and a DUI, can lie in just half a cocktail, or a beer.

Obtaining Legal Advice

If by any chance you are convinced that you were not over the limit, or that there has been a mishandling of your case, it is vital to receive legal advice. As this Mesa DUI Lawyer asserts, a specialized legal team “will pounce on any mishandlings by the officers involved in your case or the prosecuting attorneys and ascertain whether your constitutional rights have been violated.” Since a DUI can significantly change family schedules and sometimes necessitate additional expense (e.g. for public transport, arranging for school pick-ups, attending road education classes, etc.), the number one priority is ensuring that your rights have not been unjustly revoked.

If you have had your license revoked because of a DUI, rest assured, you are not alone. A DUI can be a golden opportunity to look into your drinking habits and ask yourself tough but important questions regarding the possibility of a dependence on alcohol. With the support of your family, you can work around not being able to drive for a specified period. Don’t be shy to discuss the matter with older children, who will benefit from knowing how easy it is for the average driver to lose their privileges and, more importantly, be a danger on the road without even realizing it. Remember to keep stress levels down, finding healthy ways to get rid of frustration through exercise, meditation, and breathing. Stay positive and hopeful, knowing that soon, you will be on the road once again, driving safely for yourself, your family, and everyone on the road.


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