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The most important steps to create successful SEO

Search engine optimisation is an integral part of any business operations in the modern marketing world. Whilst the majority of businesses do understand the importance and basic concepts of it, they don’t always understand how to execute a successful strategy.

Employing an SEO expert can often be helpful in developing and executing a successful SEO strategy as they have a depth of knowledge in the industry and can build a strong foundation quickly. There are a few key steps that need to be taken in order to build and subsequently execute a successful strategy.

Create a List of Keywords

This is the heart of soul of any SEO campaign as it determines what searches your site will appear in on Google’s Search Engine Results Page. Selecting a group of 8-10 keywords and inputting them into Googles Keywords Tool is a great way to find relevant keywords that match your product or service in a way that customers are searching for.

Based on search volume and competition, try to narrow it down to between 10 and 15 keywords that you believe will rank the best for your site. These should then be ranked in order of priority. This list of keywords should then be constantly updated and revisited to ensure that the keywords remain relevant to user’s searches and the development of the business.

Build Keyword-Focused Pages

Having multiple pages suited to different keywords is the best way to go about improving rankings. It is extremely difficult to have one page rank well for all of your keywords so spreading them out will have the best results.

Determine the required number of web pages required to succinctly and appropriately include your keywords. The number of web pages should also reflect the product or services offerings of the business and the locations that it is available in.

Start a Blog

Blogging is a great way to engage users on your site through interesting and relevant information. It can also help to build the sites presence through use of keywords. Essentially, it is just like creating another webpage for your site that will help to attract customers.

A blog post should be uploaded at least once a week with information relevant to current issues in the industry and the specific products and/or services offered by the business. It is important to remember that blogging is about the audience, not ranking, so write about things that the audience will be interested in and try to include relevant keywords where possible.

Make a Link-Building Plan

Link building is crucial to improving the rank of your website in the ‘off-page’ areas of SEO. Attracting other businesses to link to your site will help to build your sites overall profile and move up the rankings. Link building builds credibility within your site.

This can be done by sharing your content with other small businesses in exchange for helping them with their link building or sharing blog posts on social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. There is also the potential for asking guest bloggers to write some content that links back to the site.

There are a lot of rules associated with link building and it is therefore crucial that none of the Google guidelines are breached. Hiring an SEO expert to help with the link building will be beneficial in avoiding these and ensuring that the link building is strong.

Stay Up to Date with News and Trends

The search engine optimisation landscape is ever changing and must be regularly updated and refreshed. Google is constantly changing its algorithms and competitors are forever developing improved websites. Staying up to date with current news and trends is sure to help you stay on top of the SEO practices to get an edge over competitors.

This is one of the main reasons an SEO expert is helpful as they are experienced in adapting to changes and know where to find the latest information.

Track and Measure Success

Keeping track of search engine optimisation efforts is critical to improving the performance of the website. Without constantly monitoring how keywords and rankings are changing and performing it is impossible to know whether the employed strategy is working as well as it could, this is why it is important to hire SEO experts in Sydney.

Keeping records of these results is also a good idea to measure how the SEO strategy is tracking over a longer period of time and how it might compare to other strategies employed in the past.


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