8 essentials for hosting any themed party

Hosting a party is always a lot of fun as you get to design everything from the food and drinks to the decorations. Finding the right party supplies and creating the themed environment is crucial, so here are the 8 essentials for any successful themed event.


One of the most important things for any event is the food. People are always hungry and finger food is certainly something that most people look forward to at any event. Identifying the foods that best suit the theme is a key step in creating the ideal environment for everyone.

A simple internet search will provide some good ideas and going with the basic, traditional options is always a good place to start. For example, hosting an Australia Day party would almost certainly entail a BBQ including lamb chops and sausages.


Dessert gets its own special mention because this is where the host can really get creative. Presentation is the fun part with desserts, being able to decorate them with to make them as interesting and exciting as possible. Many party supplies stores will have plenty of decorations available to help decorate your desserts to match the theme.

Great examples of this are cookie cutters or cake decorations such as flags, colourings and edible images.


Whilst often drinks are difficult to fit into a theme, providing some crowd favourites is always the way to go. Sparkling wine or champagne always goes down well with the guests and creating some hot or cold drinks to suit the weather or theme may be a fun idea.

Creating some hot chocolates and warm apple ciders for a ‘Christmas in July’ party or fruity blends for a Hawaiian event are just some ideas.


Setting the scene is very important, especially at the start of the event. The music is a key factor in this so putting on some relevant tunes will go a long way to ensuring a successful party. Try finding artists from the era or country that the theme is based around or even find some traditional music if that suits.


This is where the fun really starts. A really fun event is all about the activities and finding the right party supplies for these activities is really beneficial. Pin the tail on the donkey, darts and other themed games ensure that everyone is involved and can enjoy their time.


This is another key cog in creating a well-themed environment for the event. For most themed celebrations, finding the right party supplies Sydney is easy as there is such a wide variety out there. The decorations need to be consistent with the theme and touch all corners of the event venue.

Things such as table covers, cups and props really add to the environment and improve the feel of the event. For guests, it is always a lot of fun when they see that the host has put a lot of effort into the decorations as well.


As the host of the party, it is important that you have one of the best costumes available. The costumes really get everyone involved in the theme and seeing people dress up can often be quite funny as they attempt to look like a character or certain stereotype.

Loot Bags

Everyone loves a loot bag to take home at the end of the day as a reminder of the fun they had. It makes it feel as though the celebration is still going for everyone even after they’ve left and ensures that it ends on a really good note.

Themed loot bags are accessible at most supply stores and relevant items to include in the bags can also be bought.