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Washington’s DC 5 best hiking and backpacking trails

Sometimes when people think of Washington all they see is politicians and the Mambo jumbo surrounding this territory. If you have recently moved to this area than you will know there is plenty of hiking opportunities in this state. Certainly there are plenty of tourist attactractions and monuments in DC but nothing compares to the hiking trails. Some of these trails are right outside the administrative areas and all you need are a good pair of shoes for hiking. There are many places to hike in Washington here are just a few of them.

  • Roosevelt Island

It is no surprise that this one is the first on the list as the island is an easy tourist attraction area. It is easily accessible by car and has numerous trails. You can see the many DC monuments right here. Taking a few trails from one end of the island to the other can be done by the simple trails or by the difficult ones.

  • Great falls Billy Goat Trail

This is one of the simplest trails to follow while you are in Great Falls park. You can go on any varying level of difficulty because the park is divided into 3 parts. The different levels are because some areas will consist of rock climbing and rock scrambling. You can use the simpler trail to ensure you do not struggle. Make a plan to leave the city behind and enjoy the free gift of nature around you at Great falls park. There are lots of thorny bushes along the trails so wearing pants while hiking the trails is advisable! If you need some suggestions for hiking pants, take a look at for some good recommendations.

  • Harper’s Ferry

Harper’s ferry should be up next in your list of places to visit in Washington. It is a well known and busy market area. With it’s blue ridge mountain scenery you will be begging your hiking partner to go back. Views of the river as you move around will make you feel amazing as you watch the wildlife come to drink water.You can take scenic photos at this site. You can even make it a day hike since it is only a few miles out of the city of Washington.

  • Twin Falls

This hike is all about having scenic views. You can take your time when you reach the top of the falls. Getting to the top is a whole different situation. As you hike on the route you will see plenty of salmon berries on the way. The trail follows both the river and the Cascade mountains. You can enjoy your time here and make the best of a day trip. The difficulty level on this trail is easy. That means it can even be a family trip or a friend road trip.

  • Patuxent River State Park

This one can be gauged as a moderate level trail. You can use the trail to get up to the falls. There is a perfect picnic site at the top of the trail. It will make a perfect daytime outing. There is even a covered picnic area just where the falls end, you can enjoy lunch and enjoy the view of the Patuxent Falls. One thing to remember is to bring sturdy hiking shoes. There is some loose stones and sharp rocks that you need to avoid.


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