More family stuffThings to know before entering the Family Court

Things to know before entering the Family Court

There are many reasons one would have to be appearing in the Family Court and sadly, they are often not good reasons. It can be due (but not limited) to divorce, parenting disputes, guardianship of minors or the division of wealth after a couple separate. Whatever the reason, one who is appearing in court should have a bit of hindsight before doing so.

1.- Dress Appropriately

It’s more of an unspoken thing, but dressing appropriately to appear in court is always a good idea. A person who dresses formally, and maintains their personal appearance as well as personal hygiene shows that they are organised and of sound mind and genuinely care about the outcome of their court case.

In comparison, one who dresses too casually and doesn’t look as though they’ve put effort into maintaining their appearance and hygiene can give the judge or jury the impression that that person is apathetic.

2.- Find a Good Family Lawyer

Someone who has a good family lawyer to speak in front of a judge or jury on their behalf has a much better chance at winning their case. Family lawyers and divorce lawyers Sydney know their way around the law and peoples rights and responsibilities and will work to make these clear to their clients.

Those who don’t seek the proper legal advice are essentially putting themselves on the back foot before they even begin their case. Lawyers are able to provide advice and educate them on what is going to happen and take action to avoid potential risks.

3.- Find a Babysitter if Necessary

Many people aren’t aware that it’s highly frowned upon to bring children into the courtroom. This is because the courtroom is always a quiet place, where the people involved need to stay concentrated and give their undivided attention to the situation. As children are young and unaware of this, they can become fidgety and loud which cause disruptions.

For those who have children, it is always a good idea to find a babysitter to mind their children while they’re occupied in court. If they aren’t able to find a babysitter, they could ask a family member or friend that they trust to watch them. If they do become desperate, it’s possible to negotiate with their lawyer or court but this should be done well in advance.

4.- Know the Rules of the Courtroom

There are a few rules people should know before they enter the courtroom. These include no cellphones, no eating or drinking (no food or drink, even if they aren’t being consumed), no weapons and to be as silent as possible.

For these reasons, it is important to remember to eat and drink before you enter. As some cases can be lengthy and drawn out beyond the anticipated time, it is a possibility that lunch breaks won’t occur at the normal time. It’s never a good idea to go without food and hydration as high concentration is required from all parties.

In relation to everyone needing to give their undivided attention, it’s always best to ensure that cellphones are switched off and to be as silent as possible to avoid creating any distractions. In some cases it may be an even better idea to leave cell phones outside with a trusted person and not speak unless called upon.

No weapons in the courtroom should be obvious, but some might forget. Holding weapons can give an aggressive impression and could be very dangerous for everyone.

Having to appear in court is always a daunting experience. Thankfully there are many ways to ensure that one is as well prepared as possible and ease the overall experience.


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