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Kayaking the Na Pali Coast

Kayaking is an exciting pastime where you can relax and enjoy the open water. Destinations for kayaking are as numerous as there are bodies of water. Picking the right spot is about balancing difficulty and scenery.

In this article, I want to present Na Pali Coast Hawaii as one of the best spots for kayaking in the world, particularly for those who are just starting kayaking as a hobby. The Na Pali Coast has a unique coastline on the island of Kauai and is protect so the nature of the place is preserved. There are several outfitters that have expertise in helping kayakers get the most of their experience in Hawaii. The combination of great guides and uninhabited islands makes for an unforgettable experience.

Na Pali Coast is a destination which can only be accessed via kayaking, helicopter, or boat. For kayaking, this is a great adventure into remote territory with great nature scenery. Its coastline has many green cliff slides and waterfalls.

As a destination, Hawaii is wonderful because of its good weather in all seasons. Hawaii is a popular tourist attraction so if you were interested in going to Hawaii, plan ahead to get good rates and to avoid the heavy crowds while exploring remote countryside. If you are planning to bring your own kayak, using an inflatable kayak is probably your best bet. If you need some recommendations for inflatable kayaks, here are some good ones. Renting a kayak is also possible through some of the local touring companies.

There are several kayak touring companies that work in this coastal areas and they offer help to people who are interested in kayaking but may not want to explore uncharted territory on their own. Their daily excursions are an excellent way to experience the beauty of the coastline. If you have never been kayaking, they have beginner kayaks for sale or rent. You can read about some good beginner kayaks here or here.

Na Pali Coast is uninhabited so its landscape remains pristine. This is important because if one is going to put physical effort in to kayak, then there needs to be a good reward. Pristine nature is one of those rewards and it is important that while kayaking you do not disturb the environment to protect the nature for others to enjoy.

With Hawaii being able to be kayaked year around, this kayak experience can be affordable by traveling off season. In addition, with seventeen miles of coastline to explore, you could spend multiple days exploring this oasis of nature.

Overall, Na Pali Coast is a great area for kayakers who are beginning because of its remote location and Napali Kayak who is able to help new kayakers. It is a great weather location which minimizes the risk of weather related setbacks or personal injury due to hypothermia that you could get in cold weather climates. Finally, for those who like wildlife, dolphins and sharks can be seen from this kayaking trail as well.


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