More family stuffThese 6 reasons will make you take your family's old phones for...

These 6 reasons will make you take your family’s old phones for recycling

Every time a new phone model comes up, you or a member of your family end up owning one, right? What happens to the phone they were using before? My guess: you keep it somewhere in a drawer, and as days go by, it becomes invisible to everyone in the house. You are not likely to consult the old machine for help if you happen to lose or break your latest gadget. Now, why then do you still have those phones in the house? It may be interesting to know how often you have considered recycling all those dead family phones lying in your room. The following reasons should convince you to take your family’s old phones out for recycling:

Save the environment

You wouldn’t advocate for container disposal as you are probably aware of their devastating impact on the environment. When you dispose of old phones improperly, they release poisonous chemicals such as chlorine, lead, mercury, and bromine. These chemicals are harmful to plant and animal life and cause deadly diseases to people. Most of the chemical found in phones will take at least 20 years to decompose after they have leached the environment. Sadly, only a 12 percent of phones receive safe recycling procedures.

E-Waste is becoming a problem

Research says that 152 million phones find their way into the bin every year in the US. Although e-waste comprises of just 2 percent of total waste, it contributes to 70% toxins found on land. Research further indicates that the problem is worse in Asia as many Asians go for new phones without due consideration on what they would do to their old devices. Worse still, some quarters hold that some developed countries are dumping their e-waste in the developing world, thereby posing a severe health problem in those growing nations.

Recycled phones are harmless

According to the e-waste watchdog group, Basel Action Network, nearly one-third of the devices recycled and labeled as environmental friendly have been noted to end up in countries like Taiwan Hong Kong and Kenya. This assumption holds water because some individuals dismantle those devices in search of gold and silver; thereby, getting rid of the harmful components. What remains of the devices after people take them apart to harvest those metals is simple plastic covers and circuitry.

A little philanthropy won’t hurt

Your phone collection might not fetch your money, but it doesn’t mean you do not stand a chance to do good. You can choose to donate them to charity organizations that rely on donations to help victims of domestic violence, environmental programmers, soldiers working overseas and even underprivileged children. These organisations may decide to give the phones out to the people in need if the mobile devices are still in good working order, or recycle them before selling them off to raise money to finance their philanthropic programs.

Unclutter your house

Since everyone wants a piece of the latest iPhone or Samsung Galaxy, it won’t take you long to notice the ever-growing heap of discarded communication devices in the home. It may just be one or two phones at the beginning, but the number will keep growing as the year wears on and companies keep churning out electronic products into the market in a bid to outdo each other. Very soon, you are going to have a problem of space in your house as phones will be covering every drawer and shelf, and even some areas on the table. Taking those phones out for recycling is the easiest way to tackle the congestion problem.

Earn by recycling

Did you know that you can make a quick buck selling those old family phones in your house? If the devices are still in good working condition, it doesn’t make any sense to throw them away. Those phones could interest a friend or two, who may not have the financial muscle needed to keep up with the latest trends in the mobile phone market. Several organisations have come up to help recycle those phones, and are willing to pay for them.

You can help preserve the environment by ensuring that your family’s old phones end up in a recycling plant, or in the hands of those people who may need them more than your family members. You may also earn from the program by selling them. Take those phones out and have them recycled for the greater good of the society.


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