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7 quirky ways to make money sitting at home

Was it Mary Poppins who told us to take care of the pennies and the pounds would take care of themselves? I think so. That advice is like ‘a penny saved is a penny earned’. The truth is, there are lots of quirky ways to make money around us. You don’t have to step outside the door to replenish your pennies. You can do it at home and have fun doing it too.

Sell Your Knitting Online

My friend Sheila can knit for England. And she does! She’s always conjuring up sweaters and scarves, some of them beautiful works of art. She sells online and gets regular, income, just by doing what she loves. She snaps up bargain basement wool in sales and is never caught unaware for last minute birthday gifts.She has a supply of lovely goodies for gift purposes when Christmas and birthdays come around. She discovered that sites like Etsy are great for helping you set up yor own store and set up her own. A savvy lady indeed.

Sell Handmade Cards

Fancy a spot of cardmaking? Followed by some online selling? Sheila’s daughter Emily prefers cardmaking to knitting. She’s followed her mum into business, with her own online store. Her beautiful, handmade creations are going down a treat

Sell Stuff For Others

My cousin, Rebecca, has a friend who makes ornamental pottery at home. Instead of just selling online, she takes pictures of her creations and sends them around to friends and relatives on WhatsApp. If Rebecca or anyone else succeeds in selling one of these beauties, they get a nice commission. What’s not to like?

Sell Your Old Stuff

You must have some items in good condition, which you don’t use anymore. Remember that exercise bike you bought, full of enthusiasm and then realised that a gentle, morning walk suited you far better? Or that air fryer you purchased, vowing never to eat greasy, homemade chips again, only to find you preferred them much more than the airfried version? Why let these unwanted items gather dust in your house? Get them out. Sell them on eBay or Gumtree. You’ll have more cash in your pocket and even better, more space at home!


Now (lowers voice to whisper). Didn’t you mention recently that you have a little money? Sitting in the bank, doing nothing much? Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone. But seriously, why just leave it there? Put it to work. Did you know that indulging in online trading has become easier? Your money can create a nice little income, security for those times when you never know what might happen. Of course it’s important to approach the right agent for guidance. I personally recommend CMC Markets, experts in online trading and investments. Okay, I’m going to forget this conversation. But don’t say I didn’t advise you.

Make Jams and Pickles

If you live in the country or have an allotment, you might have access to some nice summer fruits or surplus vegetables. So why not make some jams and pickles with the surplus and you’ll have free preserves for as long as they last? You can find plenty of recipes on the Internet. Maybe you can even sell them, if your products are well received. Even if you don’t make a huge quantity, it’s still a gain.

Make a Stay-at-home Wardrobe

Keep a daily wear wardrobe for staying at home and keep your good clothes for when you go out. Keep some hard wearing clothes for tackling your daily chores. Trackie bottoms and tee shirts come to mind. Keep a pair of jeans handy for going out to the shops and otherwise, keep your good stuff on a hanger for outings and going to work. And yes! You can keep a quirky, colourful shawl handy to throw on for those moments when unexpected visitors drop by. The wear and tear on your wardrobe will be considerably reduced. More money saved.


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